Handmade Scarves Made From Scraps of Fabric


Reuse and recycle scraps of fabric to make stylish handmade scarves. Create various effects by ripping the fabrics for a frayed look or cutting with pinking shears. Get creative and mix and match fabrics to add color and texture. Use fabrics from apparel such as old T-shirts and denim jeans. Alternatively, reuse fabrics from home linens when you redecorate your home.

Quilted Patchwork

  • Cut scraps of fabrics to make a quilted patchwork scarf. Make a boldly styled scarf using fabric swatches of different prints, colors and textures. Alternatively, use fabric swatches within a theme, such as fabrics with the same prints, colors or textures. Cut swatches into squares to patchwork together. Alternatively, be creative with the shapes you cut. Lay scraps on a cutting board, and cut odd-shaped pieces, matching edges together to form a design. Once you sew the pieces together, cut the edges of the patched fabric straight to form a rectangular-shaped scarf. Cut a piece of coordinating fabric as a backing, place right sides together and stitch the pieces together along the edges, allowing a space to turn the fabric.

Tied Fabric Scarves

  • Cut an abundance of fabric scraps into rectangular shapes about 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. Tie the scraps together at the ends with double knots, creating strips long enough for your scarf. Place the long strips, side by side, on a table. Use additional strips of fabric to tie the strips together with double knots. Cut the strips for assembling shorter or longer, depending on how much of an open weave you desire. For an open weave, cut very long strips, about 6 inches long. Tie the strips every inch for a tight weave, or every 3 inches for an open weave.

Fabric and Fiber Scarves

  • Combine tiny fabric scraps with various other fibers to make a textured, multimedia scarf with no knitting required. Use water-soluble stabilizer sheets and temporary spray adhesive to layer the scarf with a variety of materials. Cut the sheets to the size of the scarf you desire and place on a surface. Layer yarns, fibers and scraps of fabrics to create any design you desire. Layer yarn in strands and then the fabric scraps, face down, in between. Leave small spaces between the yarn strands so the fabric swatches show through. Keep layering the fibers in this order, spraying the temporary spray adhesive in between each layer. Then place a sheet of stabilizer and pin it adhesive side down. Stitch over the scarf, in any pattern, with stitch lines very close together to capture all of the fibers. Soak the scarf to remove the visible stabilizer.

Ruffled Scarves

  • Use long strips of various remnant fabrics to make a ruffled scarf. Piece together remnants of fabric to create 5-inch-by-60-inch pieces. Baste a stitch down the middle of the pieces, gather them, and then machine stitch and remove the basting stitch. Stitch the ruffled pieces together to create the length of scarf you like. As an alternative, make dainty decorative scarves to wear with a jacket by making the scarf 2 1/2 inches wide, rather than 5 inches wide.


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