Things You Can Sew a Placemat Into

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Save a little crafting time and help the environment when you use placemats for materials.

Repurposing and "going green" are popular buzzwords that you can bring to reality when you re-use placemats in craft projects. Even using new placemats saves energy, since you skip the early steps needed when you start completely from scratch. In addition, crafting with the mats lets you express your personal style in completely new ways.

  1. Pet Couture

    • Your dog will make quite the fashion statement in a winter wrap made from quilted mats. Add hook-and-loop tape tabs to the edges to close the jacket under Fido's tummy. For a medium-sized dog, add ribbon or bias tape ties instead and accommodate your larger pooch's girth by sewing several mats together. For extreme temperatures, join two layers of quilted placemats by sewing the edges or ironing on fusible webbing. This provides extra warmth and makes the wrap reversible.


    • Fold and stitch a quilted placemat to make a one-of-a-kind clutch purse that you can embellish with paint, beads, rhinestones or fibers. Add a ribbon or chain shoulder strap with decorative pins to make a versatile handbag. Use four placemats to construct a reusable grocery, beach or gym tote or diaper bag to your own tastes and style. Cut sides from one mat and the bottom from another, then stitch them to two whole placemats that make the front and back. Make handles from the extra half of the mat from which you cut the bottom or "bling" your bag with chain-and-bead straps, instead.

    Pillows and Cushions

    • Stitch placemats together and add polyester fiberfill to create pillows for your chairs, bed, sofa or outdoor furniture. Add fringe, ruffles or piping between the mats or embellish them with sequins and beads. Put your cat in the lap of luxury when you stitch two pairs of mats together, stuff them and tuft the resulting cushion to make a personalized pet bed. Use contrasting napkins to add Fluff's name or decorative appliques.

    Storage Roll

    • Use two mats or a placemat and matching napkin to make an on-the-go storage roll for make-up or paintbrushes, pens and markers or a basic tool kit with tack hammer, pliers and several types and sizes of screwdrivers. Stash your tool roll in the glove box of the car or in the kitchen junk drawer, and you're ready for whatever may come your way.

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