What Women Need to Know About the Wedding Night


On the wedding night, after the festivities have subsided, it is customary for a bride and groom to participate in intimate relations. It is natural to feel some anxiety and anticipation over the post-wedding activities, but women should try to relax and not put too much undue pressure on themselves. The important thing to remember is that whatever takes place on your wedding night is not a foreshadowing of what your intimate life will always be like.

The Undressed Truth

  • Your groom thinks you look beautiful in your bridal gown, but he is really much more interested in what you have on underneath it. Even if you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on your wedding dress, do not expect to wear it for very long once you and your husband end up back in the honeymoon suite. In preparation for what your new husband has in mind on your wedding night, wear something beneath your wedding dress that he is sure to appreciate. A white lace lingerie set can be the perfect surprise for him.

You Might Fall Asleep

  • Many brides and grooms have visions about what their perfect first night as a married couple will be like, that is, until reality kicks in. Weddings can wipe out even the most party-animal bride or groom, especially if they've had one too many champagne toasts. While the two of you may intend on having a romantic evening after the party is over, it is not uncommon for some couples to fall asleep. After all, it's been a long day with a lot of excitement, food, cake, cocktails, dancing, singing and who knows what else. If this happens to you on your wedding night, don't take it personally or worry that your love life is doomed.

You Might Feel Emotional

  • After an all day or night celebration of your marriage, it is possible that you might feel overwhelmed with emotion after the wedding is over. Feelings of sadness are normal as is the emotional shock of realizing that you are finally married. If you feel teary or weepy, happy or so excited that you can't sleep, go with the flow and let the emotions run their course. But try to keep them to yourself if you can, so that you do not spoil your husband's wedding night by crying on his shoulder.

You Can Still Say No

  • Just because you are now officially married doesn't mean you have to give in to every desire that your groom has on his mind. Even if it is your wedding night, if your groom comes up with some kind of new acrobatic move that he wants to try, and you aren't into it, tell him to shelf the idea for another time or for forever. You should never do something that you are uncomfortable doing, even if it is something as silly as taking a plunge into the hotel's swimming pool in your wedding gown.

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