Funny Questions for the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner That the Party Can Ask the Bride & Groom


The night of the wedding rehearsal is a time when the bride and groom's family and friends will come together and celebrate the upcoming nuptials. It's the last party before everyone will take their places walking down the aisle and gives the wedding party a chance to poke fun at the lucky couple before their single lives are officially over. A round-robin of questions from the party to the bride and groom can serve as ice breakers or dinner entertainment as they reveal some of their deepest secrets, funniest moments and embarrassing habits.

Where and How Did You Meet?

  • A popular question that many may already know or may shock those who don't know the real story, ask the couple where and how they met. Allow them to tell the story individually to see if the stories match up and follow-up the question by asking them each what they thought about each other when they first met. It may be funny for guests to know it wasn't love at first sight and she thought he was kind of a nerd or he thought she was a snob when they first spoke.

Which of You Is Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

  • Listen as the two debate which is the book worm or the technology geek in the relationship. Even more fun if neither of them think they are and they discuss other traits and stories that detail why they are or are not the smartest. Test the couple to see just who is the smarter of the two by pulling questions from the hit television show and ask those questions fifth graders learn in school such as "What type of consumer eats plants and animals?"

How Old Is His Oldest Pair of Underwear?

  • Have the bride and groom challenge each other by taking funny stabs at each other asking light personal questions. Ask questions about his underwear, how many times she's purchased two of the same thing or how many times she has tripped over his shoes that were left in the middle of the floor.

Who Do You Like The Best?

  • Pressure the bride and groom to state which friend of their other half do they like the best. Perhaps the groom likes the maid of honor best because she saves him from getting in hot water all the time. The bride may adore her groom's friend who flew in from Texas because he gives the groom something to do when she's on vacation with her friends for a girl's excursion weekend.

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