What Is the Job of a Matron of Honor?

Taking on the role of the matron of honor in a wedding is a both a privilege and a big responsibility. Next to the bride and groom, the matron of honor is the most important person in the wedding party. From the start, the matron of honor is involved in the planning and execution of all wedding details.

  1. Support

    • A matron of honor is the No. 1 source of support for the bride. When the bride is ready to rip up her to-do list, it is the matron of honor who steps in to help. Brides are often faced with many decisions and rely on those around them to support decisions and offer advice. It is important that the matron of honor be there for the bride throughout the wedding process, from start to finish. Brides often need reassurance and someone to lend an ear when they need to share their thoughts. The matron of honor should troubleshoot any emotional crises that may arise, keeping the bride upbeat.


    • A matron of honor holds a key role when it comes to planning events surrounding the wedding. She typically communicates with the entire bridal party concerning dress fittings, coordinating accessories for the ceremony and supplying information concerning prewedding events. The matron of honor also has the joyous duty of helping the bride shop for her own gown and picking out the bridesmaids' dresses. For out-of-town guests, she coordinates lodging and travel to the wedding. If a bridal shower and bachelorette party are in order, the matron of honor should see that everything is taken care of for those events as well. She is the direct line of communication for the guests to find out where bride is registered for gifts. Matrons of honor also assist the bride in tasks such as addressing invitations, picking up or paying for flowers and choosing a cake.


    • The matron of honor has a full day ahead of her on the wedding day. She should make sure that the bride has everything she needs prior to arrival at the venue. She assists the bride in dressing and photographs prior to the ceremony. A matron of honor directly precedes the bride down the aisle and carries the groom's ring until the exchange. Once at the alter, she adjusts the bride's train and veil, as well as holding the bride's flower bouquet. She will also offer the bride emotional support throughout the process.


    • While most of the work is out of the way, the matron of honor still has a few things left to do during the reception. She may sign the marriage certificate as a witness for the bride and groom. Commonly, the matron of honor gives a speech to the guests after the best man. This speech should be heartfelt and reassuring to the bride and groom that they are meant for each other. Once the reception comes to a close, it is time for the bride to change and head off to her honeymoon with her new husband, and the matron of honor assists her in getting ready for the exit. Once the bride is on her way, the matron of honor should make sure that the gifts are brought safely to the couple's home.

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