Funny Birthday Card Message Ideas


When planning for someone's birthday, everyone wants to pick out a card that will make their loved one smile. Funny cards are a great way to wish someone well while also giving everyone else in the room a laugh. Card companies produce humorous cards for every occasion, but you can create a witty card on your own.

Parent's Birthday

  • There are a lot of fun birthday messages you can create that revolve around the relationship between parents and children. Typically, parents are the providers and givers in this relationship, so a witty birthday message can play off of that. The front of the birthday card can wish the mother or father happy birthday. On the inside, the message can read "Now can I borrow five dollars?"

16th Birthday

  • A 16th birthday is special to most teenagers because it is usually when they can get their driver's license. Create a card that centers around this special occasion. If the birthday boy is getting his license, set up the card so that the front wishes him a happy birthday or congratulates him on this new freedom. On the inside, the message can read, "Can you go to the store and pick up some milk?" This joke reminds the new driver that with this new freedom, comes responsibility.

21st Birthday

  • For many Americans, their 21st birthday is a big celebration because they are finally old enough to legally consume alcohol. Therefore, there are several drinking jokes that you could spin into a birthday message. A funny birthday joke example says, "You're 21 now, so you can drink. Just think in 14 years you can become president of the United States. Just because you can do something doesn't mean it's a good idea to try."

40th Birthday

  • The 40th birthday is a big, if sometimes unwelcome, milestone during your adult life. Many consider turning 40 going "over the hill." Put a positive spin on all of the birthday jokes by quoting a famous saying. The funny quote, who's author is unknown, reads that, "You're not 40, you're 18 with 22 years experience."


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