The Best April Fools' Day Pranks to Do at Work in a Medical Office


April Fools' Day has never lost its appeal for people to create mischief in a funny and harmless way. Some people will always be on their guard on April Fools' Day, whereas others will think they are prepared, but they will still be duped, especially if it's a joke delivered in a very serious way. Use these tips if your medical office's staffers have a sense of humor.

Bloodied Plastic Hand

  • Go into the office with a plastic hand covered in stage blood. Describe how you found the hand on the floor in a corridor. Act annoyed, and mention that it's outrageous that the hand hadn't been disposed of properly. Don't let anyone examine the hand closely at first. Say you think it looks like a hand recently amputated. Suggest that someone go outside and bury it before anyone notices that it's missing. Then hand over the hand.

A Rubber Snake

  • Plant a rubber snake in a drawer, and leave the drawer slightly open. Say that there is a snake in the office, and appear concerned. Tell anyone nearby that you think it's poisonous. Give the snake a fictional name, and speak with authority on the subject. Mention in a deadpan way that it's a beautiful snake, though one of the effects of its bite is that people who are bitten by it can't stop laughing. Ask someone to find some cheese, as this type of snake loves eating every kind of cheese.

Two Black Eyes

  • Blacken your eyes using mascara -- plaster the mascara all around the eyes, and make the area look as black as possible. Stumble into the office saying that you had a nasty fall, and that your eyes need some attention. Pretend to be concerned about your welfare, saying, "They don't look too black, do they?" State that you can't see too well either and that one of your eyes feels so loose it's about to pop out. Put a hand over one of your eyes and produce a glass eye.

Mysterious Disease

  • Report that a disease is sweeping the area and causes people to scratch themselves vigorously. Start scratching yourself slowly when you're revealing this information. Continue scratching as you're talking, but begin to do so more rapidly. Look as earnest as possible when you're talking about this disease, and talk about it in technical -- or perhaps smart-sounding but totally made up -- terms. Say that it's not that serious a disease, but that it is contagious. Warn that anyone within 10 feet of someone with the disease will definitely contract it.

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