Cool Tattoo Ideas for Twins

You may feel like a tattoo of a pair of animals expresses the closeness of your twin relationship.
You may feel like a tattoo of a pair of animals expresses the closeness of your twin relationship. (Image: David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images)

As a twin, you often have a special relationship not only because you shared prenatal development space but also because you usually grow up very close with a lot of shared experiences. Getting a tattoo together that has a symbolic meaning a nice way to express your relationship and it can be a way to show the connected feeling you have.

Birthdate Constellations

Astrology is based on the position of different celestial bodies in the sky at the time of birth. For those who believe strongly in it, the shared astrology of twins is one of the most significant things that makes them similar. If you’re looking for a tattoo to share with your twin, having the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth tattooed on yourselves is symbolic of your relationship and is a complete image with or without that of your twin. You can either have the entire alignment tattooed on each of you or have half of it tattooed on one of you and the other half on the other so you have a complete star alignment from the day of your birth when you’re together.


Many people relate well to animals, and getting joint tattoos of an animal with your twin is an excellent symbolic tattoo because it shows your connection in a subtle way. Each of you can get a single tattoo of the animal or you each may want to get a tattoo of the pair of the animals. If you decide to each get a single tattoo, you may want to incorporate a design such as a branch that crosses over both tattoos and connects the images together when placed next to each other.

Family Crest

Some families have a long-standing history associated with a family crest. If you and your twin have a family crest, one way to show your relationship to one other and your lineage is to have matching family crests tattooed. This type of shared tattoo makes it so that you can have the tattoos placed on different parts of your body since you will still have an easily identified match.

Birth Date and Time Text Tattoos

If you’re looking for a more understated tattoo to share with your twin, a text-based tattoo might be something more appropriate for you. Your birthdate is often an important aspect of your being twins, so have your birthday and your birth times tattooed on yourselves. Each of you can get your own birth times tattooed under or near the date or you can have both of your birth times inked on so that you can feel like you have your twin with you all the time.

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