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Taking good care of your leather items can help maintain their luster and quality for many years. Whether it is a handbag, couch, car upholstery or shoes, authentic leather products can last decades as long as you regularly clean and condition them. Along with proper storage and responsible use, leather care products can help extend the life of your investments.

Leather Conditioners

  • Leather conditioners help coat, protect and hydrate your leather pieces. Since authentic leather is made from animal hide, it also needs ample moisture to maintain its luster and shine, much like human skin. Brittle and dried leather pieces can easily break and chip off, so conditioning your leather pieces is a must. Conditioners come in cream, oil and spray form. You can buy conditioners in 1-liter bottles if you are maintaining huge leather pieces such as furniture or car upholstery pieces.

Leather Cleaners

  • To ensure that your leather pieces are thoroughly cleaned, and since washing them with soap and water is not an option, leather cleaners provide a gentle yet effective means of freeing your items from dirt and stain. From grease to ink, accumulated dirt and dust, leather cleaners lift the dirt from an item without damaging the actual leather surface. Leather cleaners come in oil, paste and cream form and can be used with regular or specially designed rags to minimize scratching of the leather.

Grooming Brushes and Cloths

  • After a session of cleaning and conditioning your leather items, use a buffing cloth or a grooming brush to help restore shine to your leather. Much like how shoes need a soft buffing cloth after applying a shoe polish compound, leather items need occasional buffing and cleaning from grooming brushes or cloths. Grooming brushes can also help remove loose dust from the surface of your leather goods while the buffing cloth can help remove light stains and grease.

Coloring Kits

  • Coloring kits are available to help maintain the right color and tint of your leather goods (as some leather goods are dyed a particular color). A coloring kit may include a dye, conditioner, cleaning solution, sponge for the dye and a buffing cloth to finish off the job. Coloring kits can also double as repair kits, in cases where patches of leather are discolored or damaged through frequent use.

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