Paper Cutout Bear Craft Projects for Kindergarten

Combine a bear theme with practicing the art of scissor use in your kindergarten class. Paper cut-out bear projects can reinforce learning. There are many types of bears that can be the center of your craft projects, such as polar, koala, panda, black or brown bears. Use various types of paper products to allow for creativity.

  1. Tissue Paper Bear

    • Draw a panda bear's face onto a piece of poster board or card stock or photocopy a panda bear template for each student. Instruct each student to cut out the bear template and paste it onto thicker paper. Rip or cut square pieces of black and white tissue paper and roll them into small balls. Have the students glue black tissue paper balls on the ears and around the eyes of the bear and use some to make a nose. They can fill in the face with white tissue paper balls.

    Paper Bear Mask

    • Students can create a bear mask by drawing the eyes, nose and mouth of a bear onto a paper plate and color them in a manner consistent with their choice of bear. You may help the students cut two eye holes and a hole for the mouth of the bear using scissors. Give the students tongue depressors or wooden craft sticks to glue to the bottom of the paper plate so they can hold the masks to their faces.

    Bag Puppet

    • Instruct students to cut two brown semi-circle ears, one rounded triangle black nose, a crescent-shaped pink paper mouth and two black ovals for eyes from construction paper. Have them draw a circle on the bottom of a brown paper lunch bag for the bear's face. The children then paste the ears, nose, eyes and mouth in the appropriate places. Each kindergarten student draws and cuts out a bear body consisting of a large oval for the body and four short ovals for legs and pastes them on the side of the bag beneath the folded bottom. The students may use their projects in free dramatic play or to reenact "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

    Life-sized Paper Bear

    • Set a large piece of mural paper on the floor. Divide the class into pairs. One child in each pair will lie down on the paper and the other child will trace his outline and then be drawn in turn. You may assist in lieu of the children tracing one another. Allow the children to cut out colored construction paper pieces and glue them to their life-size outlines to transform the bodies into a bear of their choice. Ears, nose, eyes, a mouth, claws and a small tail may adorn each child's outline. Instruct the students to cut out their outlines. Hang them in the hallway or around the classroom.

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