Bathroom Designs & Colors

When updating an existing bathroom or designing a new bathroom from scratch, its easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of design possibilities. To add further frustration to the process, many consumers find that their tastes include many differing styles and finishes, leaving them confused as to which design path to choose. Instead of becoming too focused on finishes and styles, let the color of your bathroom guide you to the ideal bathroom design.

  1. Modern Design

    • Black and white remain a classic choice for a modern design. Carried throughout the bathroom in block tiles, accessories and fixtures, sleek lines dominate a modern bathroom and geometric designs offer a harmonious complement. Produce a modern white-out in your bathroom by leaving the walls, shower and bathtub, toilet and floor white. Then shock the design with a jet-black shaggy throw-rug on the floor. Silver faucets and accessories blend cohesively with modern design. Opt for a black or white vanity for your bathroom that is fixed to the wall and produces the illusion of floating above the ground.

    Elegant Design

    • Choose an elegant design for your bathroom that beckons you to relax at the end of your day. Choose gold accents to color your bathroom. Design your entire bathroom around a large, claw-foot bathtub outfitted with polished brass feet. This vintage piece will take up a generous amount of space in your bathroom but will set the tone for the rest of your design. Paint your walls cream so that gold remains the star of your show. Choose an ornate gold-framed mirror to hang over your vanity. Lay a luxurious cream rug on the wood or tiled floors. Let your wall art and accessories put additional color in your elegant space. Decorate shelves, windowsills and tables with candles for a relaxing glow.

    Neutral Design

    • If your bathroom wants space, visually increase the size by painting your walls a neutral tone. Paint your walls a cream or light gray, and immediately the room will appear larger. Install a pedestal sink instead of a large vanity to cut down on wasted square footage. Hang a large mirror above the sink to further enlarge your bathroom. Place crown molding or painted tile around the ceiling of your bathroom to draw the eye upwards. Instead of a classic bathtub, install a quadrant corner shower unit with glass walls. Cut down on shelves or unnecessary items in your bathroom since clutter crowds a space.

    Mediterranean Design

    • Paint your bathroom walls turquoise, and embrace the airy comfort of a Mediterranean design bathroom. Cover the empty space on your vanity wall with recycled glass mosaic tiles. The tiny tiles will sparkle with the natural light from your windows or the bathroom lighting and will resemble the moving ocean tides. Outfit your bathroom in chrome fittings to highlight the brilliance of your turquoise walls. Lay large, white tiles on the floor. Hang or roll white bathroom tiles, which create a crisp finish when paired with turquoise. Place groupings of shells and candles around the room to produce the intended air of the Mediterranean.

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