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A prom with an exotic theme, such as "1001 Arabian Nights," not only gives the decorators the chance to show off their creativity with out-of-the-ordinary decor, it also helps heighten the feeling of an enchanted evening for the people who attend it. Whether you are planning a luxurious prom with funds for belly dancers and camel rides or a more down-to-earth affair, use your imagination and these ideas to conjure up a magical prom atmosphere that just might feel like an Arabian vacation.

"1001 Arabian Nights" Prom

  • Weave a night of enchantment with a theme drawn from the legendary storybook often referred to as "1001 Arabian Nights." Such a theme is particularly appropriate for a school with a large prom budget and a penchant for staging impressive events. Decorate the prom venue with settings found in the collection of tales, including crowded bazaars, Ali Baba's cave, and the palace where Scheherazade spun tales to forestall her death. Hire actors (or younger students) to dress in costumes and assume roles such as "thief" or "genie" or "Aladdin" to wander around and add flavor to the festivities.

Desert Oasis Prom

  • Create the foundation of a desert oasis prom by putting up a full-wall mural of a seemingly endless desert scene in the venue. Then contrast the sandy scene with an eye-catching fountain accented with desert flowers. Alternately, purchase a water pattern projector to project blue light and the shifting, luminous patterns of water in one area of the venue, creating the visual impression of a lagoon.

Magic Carpet Ride Prom

  • Make prom more magical with "magic carpet ride" decor. Enhance each wall with the black paper silhouette of an Arabian city, a patchwork of minarets and souks and perhaps an enormous palace rising above it all. For prom pictures, craft a flying carpet illusion photo booth. Hang a hand-painted backdrop and floor covering. showing the sky, clouds, and an Arabian city far below. Paint the top of a sturdy rectangular table to look like an Oriental rug. Alternately, set an Oriental rug on top of the table. Paint the table legs to blend in with the backdrop. Each couple should pose on the table as if on a flying carpet and be photographed from a slightly higher perspective, creating the photographic illusion of flying.

Sahara Nights Prom

  • Spice up prom night with a "Sahara Nights" theme, with decor that conjures a nightclub in the desert under a blanket of a billion stars. Tape paper "sand dunes" to each wall. Add black paper silhouettes of camels and nomads around campfires to the paper dunes to create a sense of being in the vastness of the Sahara. Have a lounge area replete with an Oriental rug, Moroccan-style floor poufs (or regular cushions), ornate silver lanterns with LED candles inside, and billows of fabric in white or rich jewel tones draped from ceiling to floor.

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