Cool Match Tricks


Impress your drinking buddies with some cool match tricks. These tricks will amaze your audience and may even earn you a free drink or two. A little preparation may be required to turn your ordinary matches into magical ones, but it is well worth it.

Hidden Lit Match

  • Cut the strike strip off of a match box. Fold it in the middle with the striking part on the inside. Slide the strip over the non-pin side of a safety pin with the two halves of the strip facing outward, away from the pin. Place a match inside the folded strip -- a bit will remain poking out. Use a rubber band to secure the folded strip tightly against the match. Practice so you know the strip is fixed tightly enough against the match so it will light as you pull it out. Attach the pin to the inside of your jacket. Now, in front of your friends, you can pull a lit match from under your clothing.

Magnetic Matches

  • Cut a match stick to the width of the match box. Place it over the other matches inside, half way down the length of the box. In front of your audience, open the box by a third and shake it slightly to show the matches move and aren't afixed. Take the cover off the box and hold it so the audience can't see inside. Use your fingers to keep pressure on the ends of the shortened match from the outside. Tip the box upside down. Explain that the matches are magnetic and that you will demagnetize them. Release the restraining match and let them fall out.

Light a Dead Match

  • Light a match briefly and blow it out. Your trick match needs to look similar. Use a black marker to color in the "burnt" parts and the head of the match. The corners burn faster so color them longer in stretched V-shapes, pointing away from the match head. Dip the head in some ash to finish. Light the match in front of the audience.

Cock the Tail

  • For this trick, you will need either two boxes of safety matches or one box of non-safety matches with a rough surface nearby. Take three matches from the box. Place the box on a flat area. Open it slightly and stand a match, with its head facing upward, in the end of the box. Push the outer sleeve of the box up against the match to hold it upright securely. Delicately balance another match against the erect one. The heads should touch while the bottom of the second match rests on the flat area. Strike the third match on the spare box or rough surface and carefully light the touching match heads. They will join together and the second match will curl upward like a "cocked tail."


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