Cactus Centerpiece Ideas


Cactus plants are ancient Chinese symbols representing prosperity. Ideas for cactus plants, according to feng shui, which is the Chinese practice of harmonious arrangement, include placing cactus centerpieces in bathroom windows, bedroom windows, desks and other areas of the home that do not include the southwestern part of the house. According to feng shui, cactus plant spines can absorb negative energy, thus protecting the individuals around the plant. Whatever your belief, cactus plants prove to be effective year-long centerpieces.

Table Cactus Centerpieces

  • Place a cactus plant in the center of a shaded outdoor table for an effective cactus centerpiece. Cactus plants can burn in highly sunlit areas. According to ancient Chinese feng shui, decorating with cactus plants that bloom can create better moods and improve communication and understanding. Water the cactus centerpiece once a week and give it fertilizer once a month.

Office Cactus Centerpieces

  • Cactus plants are perfect for decorating office desks. They require very little attention, don't have leaves that dry up and fall off and need watering only once a week. Place a spiked cactus plant into a smooth container to offer aesthetic contrast. Placing a cactus near a computer or on an office desk is an example of a positive feng shui practice. According to Design Decor Staging Online, office cactus spines can attract negative energy radiating from the computer screen. The energy will then be shot into the direction that the spines are pointing toward. Keep the cactus in the center of a desk but behind the computer screen, for example.

Cactus Holiday Centerpieces

  • Cactus holiday centerpieces can include a cactus plant in a single container decorated with small holiday lights or a Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) could take center stage. The Christmas cactus has flat leaves and flowers ranging from magenta to dark red to white. Christmas cactus plants require little care, can create colorful centerpieces and are positive gifts for cactus-lovers.

    For smaller cactus plants, those that are 3 to 4 inches tall, including the container, dress them up for your holiday event. Wrap the containers in holiday wrap, cellophane or spray paint the containers with a textured and festive spray paint. Tie ribbon or yarn or wrap a braided wire or a silk flower around it for extra decor.

Mixed Cactus Plant Centerpieces

  • A container large enough to contain more than one cactus plant, such as a terra-cotta pot or bowl, can transform into a stunning cactus plant centerpiece. Fill the bottom with pea gravel and line the sides with sand, as suggested by The Gardener's Eden Online. Add potting soil made especially for cactus plants. This type of potting soil drains quickly. Position the plants by using a towel or garden gloves. Once they are in position, decorate the top of the soil with decorative stones.

    To decorate for a Mexican fiesta, arrange hot chili lights on the table around the cactus centerpiece and place some snack items in oversized margarita glasses on either side of the cactus.

    To decorate for a wedding, light cactus-scented candles around the centerpiece. Fill large clear bowls with water and float cactus-scented candles in the bowls. A cactus centerpiece adds to the flair of an outdoor western-themed wedding.

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