Patio Design Ideas for Under the Upper Deck


A deck space over a patio will essentially serve as a roof, so take advantage of the shade to use the patio in special ways. For example, on hot days you can eat lunch on the patio, or relax and read there in the afternoons. Incorporating landscaping and furnishings to enhance the patio space is important so you will look forward to spending time there. Don’t allow the patio area to go to waste; design it with special touches to invite a lot of use.

Enhance the Lower Patio

  • Sketch ways to beautify the patio space. For example, install a nice outdoor dining table and a couple of lounge chairs. Build the patio large enough for ample furnishings even if you must extend its dimensions beyond the deck borders above it. Avoid a skimpy patio, or you will probably not use it as often.

Build an Interesting Base

  • Vary the patio base materials. Installing a large concrete slab under a deck can work, but using an interesting combination of materials is better. Create sections of the patio with wood, pebbles installed in concrete or bricks laid in sand. Use landscaping timbers to enclose sections with removable loose materials, such as brick laid in sand, if the patio extends beyond the borders of the deck above it. A big slab of concrete can detract from the appearance of your house.

Use Upper Deck Framework

  • Securing patio auxiliary materials to the upper deck can work. For example, you can install wooden lattice that reaches from one side of the deck to the base of the patio, which creates a wall of privacy in case you have close neighbors. You can install a porch swing attached by chains to the upper deck framing and hardware for hanging baskets of plants over the patio.

Add Needed Storage

  • Create some storage on the patio. You can install sitting benches with storage space for toys or pet items. Purchase vinyl storage boxes at a home improvement store too. While storing a grill or outdoor cooking utensils on the patio is a good idea, avoid lighting the grill under the deck in case of fire. Roll a gas grill out into yard space just to be on the safe side.

Utilize Safety Features

  • Ample lighting and home safety detectors in the patio space are important. You can install a motion detector light or actual alarm because a patio is often built outside French doors or sliding doors. This space can become a home’s most vulnerable area after dark for unwelcome visitors. Placing a dog’s house near the patio space can work to protect the family. The shelter from decking above will provide some screening from rain and snow for your pet.

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