Baby Shower Gifts for an Older Sibling

For some older siblings, a baby shower can be an exciting celebration of the new baby; for others, the event causes feelings of displacement. Choose a gift that is appropriate to the child's age and understanding of the situation. For example, a book about the arrival of a new baby probably won't resonate with a 10-year-old. Giving the older child a gift can help him feel included and celebrated as he begins his new job as the older sibling.

  1. Photo Album and Camera

    • For a child older than 7, a photo album allows her to document the new baby's arrival through her own pictures and captions. Purchase an album with clear-slots for each picture and a few lines next to each slot for writing descriptions. Explain that she can use these gifts to capture and keep all the special moments between her and the new baby. For a special touch, have the album embroidered or painted with the name of the older child and future baby.


    • A shirt or hat that enthusiastically reads "I'm a Big Brother" can encourage the older child to take pride in his new role. For a child younger than 3 or 4, explain the phrase and how it tells the new baby, and everyone else, that he has the very important job of being the big brother. You can purchase "Big Sibling" shirts at any major baby store or website under the "sibling gift" section.

    New Baby Books

    • Storybooks help young children make sense of their everyday life, from brushing teeth to visiting the zoo. A book describing the arrival of a new baby from the perspective of a favorite story character can help the older sibling anticipate some of the challenges and joys associated with being an older sibling to a newborn. New baby books for children vary greatly in terms of sophistication and detail, so take time to browse through the book before purchasing to ensure the plot is age-appropriate and relatable.

    A Special Toy "From" the Baby

    • Sometimes older children are unenthusiastic about the arrival of a new sibling. A special toy can encourage positive feelings about becoming a big sister and reassure her that she is still special. Give older girls a small necklace, bracelet or makeup kit with her name engraved on the back. Explain that the gift is "from" the new baby, who is so excited to meet her big sister. For boys, give him a toy related to a particular interest, whether it's dinosaurs or baseball, and explain that the new baby is very excited to learn about this interest from his "big brother."

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