Can You Save With a Whipped Cream Maker?


Whipped cream makers are convenient tools that transform heavy cream into soft clouds of whipped cream in mere seconds. The most common form, used in coffee bars and restaurants, works by swiftly dispersing nitrous oxide throughout heavy cream. While handy and time-saving, quality whipped cream makers and their required nitrous oxide chargers are on the pricy side, so a whipped cream maker may not be cost effective for an individual or small family.

Upfront Costs

  • Whipped cream makers are frequently constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. They're refrigerator and dishwasher safe, and some brands claim their makers can preserve a refrigerated batch of whipped cream for up to 10 days. At the time of publication, prices range from $30 to $150 for the dispenser alone. A variety of decorative nozzles are available at additional cost, but most whipped cream makers come with two or three basic nozzles. Sold separately, nitrous oxide chargers in packs of 10 to 24 cost $10 to $15. They have a two-year shelf life, and each charger is for a single use.

Long-Term Costs

  • You can't re-whip expired, flat whipped cream made in a dispenser; you have to throw it out and prepare a fresh batch, which might entail buying more heavy cream. One pint of whipped cream yields 12 servings of about 2 tablespoons, which is appropriate for events, but not necessarily for a random Saturday evening four-person dessert. You can freeze whipped cream, but this alters its texture, sometimes for the worse. Meanwhile, the bulk of your unused chargers approach their expiration date, and you must replace them.

Extra Parts

  • Dispenser tips, head valves, gaskets, cream charger holders and metal collars are all related parts of whipped cream makers. These are included when you purchase a whip cream maker, but they're also sold separately. Occasionally, you'll have to replace one or more of these parts to keep your whipped cream maker functioning optimally. It might be cheaper over time to simply whip up heavy cream in your mixer. Adjusting the quantity of heavy cream to your needs prevents waste, and you won't have to worry about expired chargers and broken or lost parts.

For Cafes And Restaurants

  • For cafes and restaurants, the ability to prepare a batch of fresh whipped cream in seconds and have it on hand for days is invaluable. Like stand mixers, whipped cream makers allow for the direct infusion of heavy cream with flavored syrups, such as vanilla or peppermint. In food service environments, whipped cream makers save time on prep and therefore, the business' money.

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