Can You Freeze Buttercream Decorations?


A well-placed rose made of buttercream adds a professional touch to a homemade cake. When you keep a supply of premade decorations in the freezer, you're able to assemble an awe-inspiring cake quickly and easily. Some decorations, such as entire cake-top designs, are actually easier to work with when they are frozen. Use American buttercream recipes, sometimes called simple buttercream, which are made primarily of butter and sugar. They set up more stiffly and handle freezing better than recipes that depend on eggs and other ingredients to thicken them.

DIY Your Decorations

  • Making your own decorations with buttercream requires little more than a frosting bag, tips and wax paper. Line a tray with the wax paper before you begin. Use a piping tip to make two dimensional decorations or letters on top the wax paper. Use a star tip or other decorative tip to make roses and other three dimensional designs. Place the tray of decorations in the freezer until they freeze solidly enough to handle, which may take two to three hours.

Frosting Transfer Decorations

  • A buttercream transfer allows you to make an entire design for the top of the cake from pure buttercream. Apply the frosting to the wax paper in layers, beginning with the colors on the top of the image. For example, for an animal, you would begin with the eyes, mouth, and outlines, then add the background colors. Smooth the back of the frosting and place the transfer in the freezer for two hours, or until it's frozen solid. Use the transfer as soon as it freezes, or store it for up to a week.

Wrap it Tight

  • Airtight containers work best for storing buttercream decorations in the freezer. Peel small decorations from the wax paper and set them in a single layer inside the container. If you don't have a container large enough for larger decorations or transfers, wrap them in wax paper and slide them into a plastic storage bag or wrap them tightly with plastic wrap. Protecting the decorations from air allows them to last longer during freezer storage.

Frosty Frosting Tips

  • Buttercream decorations survive with no loss of quality in a 0 degree Fahrenheit freezer for as long as a month. Although they won't spoil, they may begin to dry out during longer storage, which may cause them to crumble or fall apart as they thaw. Add the transfers frozen to the cake or cupcakes when you are ready to use them. For smaller decorations, thaw them in the sealed container until they are completely defrosted, or they may develop condensation on the frosting. Use a small offset spatula to move thawed decorations onto the cake.

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