What Frosting Goes Well With Angel Food Cupcakes?


Light and airy angel food is a meltingly luscious cake that can be used to create exquisite cupcakes. Because the flavors of sugar, butter and vanilla in angel food are so versatile and blend well with many flavors, you can use a variety of icing to top your cupcake. Whether you choose sumptuous chocolate or fruit flavors like Key lime, lemon or berry, there are many frostings that go delectably well with angel food cupcakes.

Bursting Citrus Flavors

  • Angel food and citrus is truly a match made in heaven. A classic butter cream becomes intensely mouth-watering when vanilla and lemon are added to the mix. Mascarpone, a rich, fluffy Italian soft cheese is a perfect base for lemon. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of fresh lemon zest to mascarpone and whip to perfection. Another delicious base for zesty lemon is cream cheese. Allow the cheese to reach room temperature before mixing with a bit of sugar, lemon and vanilla. To create a refreshing Key lime frosting to pipe on to your cupcakes, mix butter, confectioners’ sugar, cream, a few drops of vanilla and fresh or bottled Key lime juice.

So Berry Delicious

  • Berries and angel food is another delectable pairing. Add vanilla to further enhance their flavors. Mix pureed strawberries into a butter cream with a dash of vanilla for a lightly sweetened pink frosting. Blackberries add a sweet tartness to frosting for an unexpected flavor and purple coloring. Crushed raspberries can be blended into whipped cream for a luscious topping for your cupcakes. Sprinkle colored sugar onto the tops of berry-flavored frosting for a delightful effect.

Luminous Meringue

  • A delicate puff of meringue is a light topping for airy angel food cake. Whip egg whites with a bit of sugar until perfectly peaked. A teaspoon of fine beet powder, found at health food stores, and added to the eggs can give this frosting a gorgeous pale pink color. A kitchen torch is the tool you need to toast the top of the icing for a slight marshmallow flavor. For a richer meringue, whip together corn syrup, egg whites, sugar and a few tablespoons water. Beat until stiff peaks form then fold in vanilla. Coconut flakes sprinkled on top add texture and rich flavor.

Decadent Chocolate

  • Feather-light angel food is an excellent backdrop for sinful chocolate. Beat together butter, sugar and cocoa powder. Add the mixture to a pastry bag and pipe onto cooled cupcakes. White chocolate frosting pairs perfectly with light angel food cupcakes. Chocolate shavings -- white or dark -- add a sophisticated look to a simple cupcake. Deep, rich chocolate fudge also complements moist angel food. For a lighter icing, add cocoa to fresh whipped cream to frost your cupcakes.

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