How Much Alcohol Does Whipped Cream Vodka Contain?


Most vodkas are 40 percent alcohol or 80 proof. However, with an influx of flavored vodkas, such as whipped cream, knowing just exactly how much alcohol is in each serving might prove a challenge. While the amount of alcohol will vary slightly from brand to brand, look to the base of the label on the bottle for the answer. That's where you'll find the alcohol content for that particular bottle of whipped cream vodka.

Alcohol Content

  • Whipped cream vodkas tend to have a lower alcohol content than traditional vodka made from potatoes or grain. Most major whipped cream flavored brands on the market range from 30 to 35 percent alcohol or 60 to 70 proof. The lower proof occurs because the flavoring replaces some of alcohol in each serving.

Calorie Count

  • Just because whipped cream vodka is lower in alcohol does not mean it's lower in calories as well. In fact, because some of the whipped cream vodkas use sugar as an additive, whipped cream vodka has slightly more calories. A 1.5-ounce serving of traditional vodka contains 97 calories, while the same serving of whipped cream vodka contains 114 calories.

Calculating Alcohol

  • If you're using whipped cream vodka in a mixed drink, remember to add any additional alcohol found in the drink to calculate the true alcohol content for the beverage. For example, if you're mixing a whipped cream margarita with one part whipped cream vodka and one part tequila, with non-alcoholic margarita mix over ice, add both the vodka and tequila together to determine the alcohol servings. In this example, you'd have almost two servings of alcohol if you poured a 1.5-ounce serving each of the whipped cream vodka and tequila. You would have one serving of 60 to 70 proof for the whipped cream vodka and one serving of 80 proof for the tequila.

Drink Ideas

  • While whipped cream vodka may certainly be enjoyed "neat" or "on the rocks," there are many recipes that incorporate the spirit as well. Some popular mixed drinks include the Whipped Cream Root Beer Float, containing two parts root beer to one part whipped cream vodka; a twist on the "White Russian" with two parts whipped cream vodka, one part coffee liqueur and one part half-and-half; and the Chilled Espresso, which pairs two parts of whipped cream vodka with two parts espresso. Try topping all of these beverages with whipped cream.

Flavored Vodkas

  • In addition to whipped cream vodka, a bevy of new selections have hit the marketplace. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, flavored vodkas now make up 21 percent of all vodka sales -- a significant statistic when you consider that vodka accounts for 32 percent of the entire liquor market. Flavor profiles range from fruity orange, lemon, and lime to savory bacon, to spicy chipotle or black pepper, to sweet marshmallow and cupcake. Although whipped cream vodka is aimed toward the dessert beverage market, some of these other selections are intended to be paired with appetizers and main dishes.

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