"Despicable Me" Minions Cupcake Ideas


A party with a "Despicable Me" movie theme calls for a cake of Gru, the evil genius, and cupcakes featuring his trusty minions. Each cupcake can be customized to look like a different minion: The minions are basically identical with a few subtle difference in the eyes and facial expressions. If you have a larger smash cake at a birthday party, these minion cupcakes work well for serving party guests quickly.

Fondant Faces

  • Minion cupcakes with flat fondant faces are easy to transport because nothing is standing that could fall over. Bake the cupcakes in blue wrappers and frost them with a thin layer of buttercream frosting. Roll out yellow fondant to about 1/4-inch thick, and cut out circles the same diameter as the cupcake tops. Place the yellow circles on top of the cupcakes and smooth with your finger to set them in place. Cut small white fondant circles for the eyes and glue them to the yellow circles with buttercream frosting. Finish the eyes with progressively smaller brown and black circles. Brush rings of white fondant with silver luster dust to make goggles that wrap around the eyes. Finish with black fondant to make the goggle straps and mouths.

Snack Cake Minions

  • Minions wear blue overalls and have long, straight faces without necks. Bake the cupcakes in denim blue cupcake wrappers and spread a layer of blue frosting over each cooled cupcake. The combination of frosting and wrapper evokes the denim overalls each minion wears. Cut long, golden snack cakes with cream filling in half. Pipe dots of white frosting with a tiny black frosting center to make eyes; some minions only have one eye, so mix it up. Draw glasses around the eyes with black frosting. Finish each face by piping on a mouth with black frosting. Make a variety of expressions so the minions are different. Stand the snack cakes upright in the blue frosting. Push several chocolate sprinkles into the top of each snack cake to make hair.

Marshmallow Body Toppers

  • This cupcake style is similar to the snack cake minions, but marshmallows are used to make the minion bodies. Bake the cupcakes in blue cupcake wrappers and spread on a thick layer of blue frosting. Melt yellow melting candies over a double boiler until smooth. Dip large marshmallows in the melted candy coating and set on wax paper until the coating hardens. If desired, dip the very bottom in blue candy coating. Attach candy eyes to the marshmallows with buttercream frosting. Draw a black circle around each eye to make goggles, with black lines along the sides for goggle straps. Draw mouths with a variety of expressions with black frosting. Press the bottom of each marshmallow minion into the blue frosting.

Marshmallow Eye Minions

  • These minion cupcakes are perhaps the easiest to make, but they have the same impact as more difficult methods. Bake the cupcakes in blue cupcake wrappers, and frost with yellow buttercream frosting after allowing the cakes to cool. Cut large marshmallows in half and press them into the yellow frosting to give each minion one or two eyes. Press strips of black licorice candy in the frosting beside the marshmallows to make goggle straps. Squeeze a small dot of frosting on the marshmallows and place a round, chocolate candy into the frosting for the eye centers. Squeeze black or chocolate frosting onto the cupcakes to make the mouth expressions.

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