Edible Songbird Rice Paper Decorations

A songbird is a perching bird, known for its ability to sing in a unique and pleasant manner. There are more than 400 different species of songbirds in existence, each with their own sound, color and size. Edible rice paper decorations can be crafted to attract songbirds in a manner similar to that of a bird feeder. Since most songbirds eat grain, rice is a food that may appeal to the songbirds in your area.

  1. Materials

    • The type of rice paper decorations you want to make will dictate the materials you will need for the project. To get started, you will need to purchase sheets of thin and edible rice paper. From here, you can use food coloring and small paint brushes to draw designs on the rice paper. A knife or scissors will be needed to carve and cut the rice paper into the design or designs of your choosing. If you do not want to design your own rice paper decorations, you can purchase them pre-made from a variety of different supply stores.


    • After purchasing the appropriate materials, it is time to decorate the edible rice paper. If you are making the decorations to be consumed by songbirds, it is important that you do not put any ingredients or objects on the rice paper decorations that may scare them away. While people often put baking products, such as icing, marzipan and other sugar-based food items onto rice paper decorations, it is important to keep these off of your decorations. You can use non-toxic pens as well as piping gel to add designs and texture to your decorations. Attaching additional bird feed to your rice paper decorations will help attract songbirds.

    Types of Songbirds

    • Before purchasing bird feed to attach to your rice paper decorations, it is important to spend some time bird watching in your backyard and around your home. Being able to properly identify the specific species of songbird that lives in your area will help you pick out a feed that will adequately attract it. Smaller songbirds tend to prefer Nyjer seed, while larger songbirds have an affinity for safflower, sunflower hearts and peanut hearts.


    • While the creation of edible rice paper decorations is a relatively harmless endeavor, it is important to use proper safety precautions when hanging up and stabilizing your decorations. If you are going to be hanging them in a tree in your backyard, always use a ladder to help you get close to the branch you want to hang your decoration off of. In addition, have someone else act as a spotter when you are placing the decorations. If you are using wires to hang the decorations off of, make sure they are dulled on both sides before manipulating.

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