Seashell Party Favor Ideas

Seashell party favors provide a natural, beautiful accent to a beach themed party or wedding. Seashells can be gathered from the beach or purchased. Either way the shells are inexpensive; therefore, lowering the overall expenses of the entire occasion. Making and personalizing your own seashell favors ensures they will fit into your party theme.

  1. Candy/Soap Dish

    • A candy/soap dish can be used at the event and taken home by the guests. Use two sides of a large clam or scallop shell. Wash and dry the shells thoroughly. One shell creates a base for the dish by setting upside down with the other shell setting on top of it creating a bowl. Glue the backs of the shells together and allow the glue to dry. For an added touch, the inside of the top shell can be painted to depict the party.

    Picture Frames

    • Decorative picture frames are a party favor the guest can use to remember the occasion for years to come. Use flat frames and glue seashells around the border. Sand can also be glued to the frame to cover blank areas or for a background behind the shells. The shells can completely cover the frame or be used as accents.

    Place Settings

    • For events where seating is of vital importance, seashell place settings or name cards are a fun way to continue your theme onto the tables. Place settings can be made from scallops and clam shells. Alternatively, you can use sand dollars or conch shells. For clam and scallop shells; open the shells and separate the sides, lay them flat on the table with the inside of the shell down, push the tallest points on the shells together and glue the bottoms together. Leave the top unglued so the name card slides in. For sand dollars, write the name on the top of the sand dollar and add a ribbon bow for accent. Conch shells simply need to be washed and placed on the table so the fold of the shell is upward. Side the name card in the fold of the shell.

    Refrigerator Magnets

    • Seashell magnets can be made as sophisticated or whimsical as needed for the party. Small magnetic disks are available at many craft stores. These are glued to the back of the shell to create a magnet. Fill the back of any opened clam, muscle or scallop shells with plaster and apply the magnet to the dried plaster. Shells can also be glued together in flower, heart or other shapes, for a more unique look. Googly eyes can also be applied for a fun fridge buddy at children’s parties.

    Napkin Rings

    • Any sit down diner occasion needs napkin rings. Why not make them tie into the theme as well. Seashell napkin rings are made with twine, glue, straight pins, paper towel tube and seashells. Wrap the twine around the paper towel tube six times, use the pins to hold the twine on the tube and apply a small amount of glue between each row of the twine. Remove the paper towel roll and glue four or five shells to the side of the napkin ring you glued together.


    • Seashell candles are used as decorations and party favors. Seashell candles are made by tying twine around a pillar candle and gluing shells to the twine, Pouring candle wax into clam shells and adding a wick or pouring candle wax into a candle jar or mold and adding the shells as it sets.

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