What Color Backsplash With India Black Pearl Granite?

India black pearl granite is a type of black granite with flecks of gray. The texture and appearance of this type of granite is very uniform and very dark, which means it will not draw attention away from any creative designs and bright colors you choose for your backsplash.

  1. Warm Colors

    • Warm colors like red, orange and yellow make for a dramatic contrast with the relatively cold and dark black India counter tops. Arrange 1 inch glass tiles in a "sunrise" pattern or scatter the colors in a random distribution on the backsplash. For a minimalistic appearance, use red as the main color for the entire kitchen, and limit all other colors in the room to black and white.

    Neutral Colors, Flashy Motif

    • Look for a neutral colored ceramic tile with a lively pattern printed on it. For example, consider a gray and cream colored stone with a repeating pattern of the fleur-de-lis. This type of pattern might normally be too busy in a kitchen, but by juxtaposing this simple pattern against the relatively static surface of the granite counter tops, the tile becomes a beautiful and unique focal point in the room.

    Gray and Blue

    • Black is usually placed to match with cool colors like blue and green, so it is natural that your black counter tops should be placed under a gray or gray-blue backsplash. This subtle color combination can be used throughout the rest of the room. Consider painting your cabinets a gray-blue and decorate the rest of the room in shades of gray-blue for a peaceful and calming color scheme.

    Black Mother of Pearl Glass Tiles

    • Black mother of pearl tiles are not really black, but instead charcoal gray and shades of lighter gray. Mother of pearl is an iridescent finish that reflects light and colors back into the room. This type of backsplash will have a relatively low contrast with the black pearl granite counters, but lights and colors reflecting off the mother of pearl finish will keep the kitchen from becoming too dark and too gray.

    Natural Stone

    • A stone backsplash will look natural with the granite counter tops. Slate, marble or even more granite will all match with the counter tops. You can even consider using the same granite stone for the backsplash as was used for the counter tops, to make the backsplash look like an extension of the counters.

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