25th Wedding Anniversary Ceremony Ideas

Keeping your marriage together for 25 years is an accomplishment not many can claim, and recommitting yourselves in a public wedding ceremony offers a memorable way to honor your life together and your continuing belief in your relationship. Customize a standard wedding ceremony, recreate your original ceremony or craft an entirely new event. Whatever you decide will give meaning to your past and your future.

  1. Recreating the First

    • Pull out your scrapbooks, your wedding dress and your fondest memories of the event 25 years ago and do it all over again. You will have to make some substitutions for the pastor or a parent if they are no longer living; your flower girl and ringbearer will no longer be children. Make your substitutions meaningful to both of you, such as asking your current pastor to officiate and having the grandchildren throw flower petals and carry the ring. Use your original vows, music and elements.

    Your Dream Wedding

    • Perhaps your previous wedding was small, hurried and not all you wanted, or perhaps you gave in to parental pressure and you had the wedding they wanted. This time around, take the time and expense to create your dream wedding. Select your vows, Scripture readings and music, using elements that mean something to you and your spouse. Use your current wedding rings or purchase a new set to commemorate your 25 years together.

    Who You Are Today

    • Your life has changed dramatically in 25 years, and your wedding ceremony can reflect that. Have your son, daughter or all your children walk you down the aisle. Alternatively, use your children as your wedding attendants, and give each one a separate part in the ceremony. Write your own vows to reflect how your life differs from your first days together. Include thoughts about your current and future dreams. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Honor the things you appreciate most in your life today.

    Private Ceremonies

    • Your 25th anniversary ceremony can include only the two of you. Have a candlelight dinner and reminisce about all the blessings you have received. Repeat your old vows, or pledge your love, friendship, kindness and understanding to your mate. Include flowers and music, or celebrate to the trickling sounds of water in your meditation fountain. Exchange new rings or jewelry that reflects the changes in your life, such as birthstones for each child and grandchild, or matching necklaces or bracelets.

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