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One of the main drawbacks to living in an apartment is the lack of private outdoor space, so having a balcony can be a real treat if you're a renter. However, decorating the space is often a challenge, since you usually can't make any permanent changes to it. In particular, you may have difficulty finding the right lighting for your balcony because you likely cannot use any exterior lights that require wall mounting and dedicated wiring. However, you can still find lighting options for your apartment balcony that provide effective illumination and create the right ambiance for your outdoor space.

Mini Lights

  • Typically used for holiday decorations, mini-lights are actually one of the easiest ways to light an apartment balcony. They come in long strings so you can place them on your balcony in a variety of ways, such as wrapping them around your balcony’s railing or hanging them on its back wall. Because they are so small, they provide soft mood lighting that is ideal for parties or intimate dinners. If you prefer a festive look, use colored mini-lights instead of traditional white. You can opt for a multi-colored strand or a single color like blue, green, purple or red.

Solar Lights

  • Solar lights are an effective option for lighting your apartment balcony, particularly if the space doesn't have many, or any, outlets. The lights absorb energy from the sun during the day, which means that they don’t require electricity to run after dark. They are available in a variety of styles, so you can choose the look that best fits the rest of your balcony’s décor. Run a string of solar rope lights along the edge of your balcony’s railing or around the outline of the door. Place disc-shaped solar lights on tables to provide direct light in areas that require it, or inside potted plants to highlight their blooms in the evening. Because solar lights do not have cords, you never have to worry about tripping over wires on the tight space of your balcony.

Paper Lanterns

  • To give your apartment balcony a fun, festive look, use a few paper lanterns as accent lights. You can find paper lanterns in a wide range of colors, patterns and shapes, so you can give your balcony a whimsical look for a party or choose a simple, elegant look for everyday lighting. Hang a string of paper lanterns on the back wall of the balcony or tie individual lanterns to the railing. If you have potted trees or plants on your balcony, hang small lanterns from their branches to highlight them.


  • No lighting option is better at creating a soft, intimate atmosphere than candles. Because they don’t require electricity, they are particularly useful for a balcony where you might not have many outlets. You can place candles on tables and flat surfaces throughout the space to provide light where you need it. Use candles in varying colors and heights to add dimension and visual interest to your balcony. Because of the risk of fire, never leave candles unattended, and make sure that they are not placed in areas that see heavy traffic, where they are likely to be knocked over.

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