Sewing Projects With Blue Jeans

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Turn an old pair of jeans into a purse.

Jeans are made out of denim, a durable cotton twill fabric dyed blue. Jeans are worn by men, women and children as causal wear. But eventually children outgrow their jeans, adults lose or gain weight so their pants no longer fit and certain styles of jeans go out of fashion. Instead of throwing these clothes out, recycle them into new items.

  1. Quilt

    • Turn your family’s old blue jeans into quilt that can be used as a bedspread, given as a gift or hung on the wall as decoration. Since blue jeans come in different shades of blue and fade over time, your quilt will be full of different hues of blue. Cut the jeans into squares then sew them together for a patchwork quilt. Or create a design on your quilt by cutting the into shapes such as flower petals, leaves, stars or hearts. Remove the back pockets from the pants and make a quilt entirely out of pockets.


    • If your jeans still fit you but you longer like the style, turn the pants into a skirt. You won’t even have to worry about putting in a waistband or pockets. For an A-line shirt, cut the legs of the pants to the desired length. Tear out the inseams as well as the front and back seams and sew a panel of left over denim between the two pant legs — one panel in the front, one panel in the back. Hem and wear. Or make a patchwork skirt by cutting the denim into squares and resembling them into a skirt.

    Pot Holders

    • Sew the back pockets of blue jeans into pot holders. Cut both pockets from the jeans. Leave a border of denim around each pocket. Trim an old washcloth, hand towel or bath towel down to the same size as the pockets. The extra layer of fabric acts as insulation and ensures that you won’t burn yourself when taking hot food out of the oven using the pot holder. Sew the three layer together with the dishcloth in the middle and the jean pockets facing outwards. Personalize the pot holder by decorating it with ribbon or iron-on appliques.


    • Transform an old pair of blue jeans into throw pillows for your couch or bed. Cut the pant legs off straight across then rip open the inseams. Sew the two pieces of fabric together, leaving an opening so you can fill it with stuffing; stuff it and close the opening. If you have straight leg jeans, cut a pant leg off, stuff it and sew up the sides to make a long pillow. Make pillows for your child’s dolls by cutting out the back pockets, filling them with stuffing then sewing up the top.

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