Owl Art Ideas

Owls have been the stuff of legend for centuries. In some cultures, they symbolize wisdom. In others, they are feared as harbingers of death. With their big, round faces and mysterious eyes, they easily lend themselves as subjects for artists of all ages and skill levels working in many different media.

  1. Owl Paper Collage

    • The earliest forms of paper collage date to 12th-century Japan. To make an owl paper-collage, you can either hand-color any paper of your choice, or you can use store-bought construction paper in assorted colors. A number of websites, such as PPPST and Mother Goose, offer free stylized clip-art owl images that can be easily adapted for paper collages. An owl's face consists of a few simple, geometric shapes: circles and triangles.

    Owl "Stained Glass" Window

    • Stained glass is an art form dating to about 1100 AD. You can simulate a stained-glass effect with less black construction paper and colored tissue paper. Begin by drawing a 1/2-inch wide "frame" around the edge of the construction paper sheet. Use simple geometric shapes when you draw the owl on the construction paper. You need to draw an outline 1/4 inch from each shape. Cut out the shapes' insides. Glue the matching tissue paper shapes to the outlines with glue stick.

    Paper Mache Owl Sculpture

    • Paper mache was invented in China during the Han Dynasty. Shape a sheet of modeling wire mesh into the shape of an owl. Tear newsprint into roughly 1-inch by 2-inch strips. Mix paper-mache glue, using 2 parts of school glue to 1 part of cold water. Dip the paper strips in the glue mix so they are completely covered with paper-mache glue. Apply as many layers as you want, one layer at a time. Let the glue dry completely between applications. Paint the owl sculpture with acrylic paint after applying the last layer.

    Ceramic Owl With Glowing Eyes

    • Ceramics is among humanity's oldest art forms. The earliest forms of pottery date to 10,000 BC. Roll oven-bake clay into a 1/4-inch thick sheet. Cut the sheet into a rectangle. Roll it into a tube. Shape the tube into an owl shape. Add details with clay carving tools. Cut out the owl's eyes and an opening in the belly large enough for a tea light. Bake the clay according to the directions on the package. Paint the owl statue. Place a tea light in the belly.

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