French Country Baby Nursery Decor

French country is a casual yet sophisticated style full of the charm of a country cottage. The simple, elegantly rustic feel of this style of decor makes it a perfect choice for a nursery. Rich colors, pretty fabrics, rustic furniture with hand-painted embellishments, natural materials and a combination of vintage, antique and modern will create a warm, sunny-feeling space, suitable for a boy or a girl.

  1. Walls

    • The color palette of a French country room is rich and warm. Soft blues, sunflower yellows, terra-cotta red and greens combine with warm, creamy shades, and splashes of pinks and lavender. For a nursery, use soft, muted shades of these colors. Create a rustic feel by using paint effects on the walls such as sponging and ensure you use paints with a matte finish. Toile, a pattern that consists of complex scenes in one color, usually on an off-white background, can be used to wallpaper one wall.


    • Floors in French country homes are usually wood or stone. Wood is a much softer, warmer option for a baby's nursery, as well as being durable and easy to clean -- a must in a baby's room. It is also an ideal floor covering for when the child grows and begins to play on the floor with toys. Oak is a common hardwood and comes in a range of colors for a lighter or darker flooring. Soften the look and feel of a hardwood floor by adding plush area rugs around the room.


    • You will need to include storage for diapers, toiletries and clothing, as well as a crib and changing mat. A rocking chair is an ideal seating solution for relaxing and nursing your baby. Choose furniture with a natural wood finish or painted white. Search thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops for a bargain. Decorative hand-painting is a feature of French country style, so use stencils to add motifs such as flowers, vines or roosters. For a more cohesive look, keep all furniture pieces the same finish.


    • Mix and match different fabric patterns, such as stripes, paisley, polka dots and animal motifs, keeping a unity by featuring the same colors. A softly draped canopy over the crib creates a really pretty addition to the room, making it a focal point and adding texture. Display artwork featuring the motif you have chosen to use throughout the room, whether that is a rooster or flowers. Vintage bottles displayed on a dresser and a simple, rustic mirror add to the French feel of the room.

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