Decoration Ideas for a Fall Rehearsal Dinner Party

An autumn rehearsal dinner offers the chance to create a warm, seasonal decor scheme that gives your party a flattering, cozy glow. As you design the space, consider how you can work the natural colors and textures of fall into the room.

  1. Autumn Squashes

    • For an unexpected rehearsal party decoration, use autumn squashes. Find pumpkins, gourds and squashes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and use them around the party room. Make centerpieces by piling glass vases or bowls high with miniature squashes in different colors and textures. If you have a buffet table or a dessert table, use squashes and pumpkins for accent decorations around the edges of dishes or lining the back edge. You can also place them on windowsills. The rich colors will add a warm, seasonal touch to the room.

    Fall Leaves

    • Nothing brings in the crisp, colorful feeling of autumn better than fall leaves. Use them in various forms around the rehearsal dinner space to give a stylish, subtle touch to the room. Scatter leaves around the table runner under the centerpieces, tuck them under serving dishes, or glue them to clear glass candle holders for an unexpected touch. If you are using bouquets of flowers, insert a few leaves in each bunch for texture and color. Turn bunches of leaves into a bright, multicolored wreath to hang on the door or on the back of the bride and groom's chairs.


    • Use lanterns to give a warm, cozy sense to a rehearsal dinner party room on a cold fall day. Arrange several lanterns of different sizes on the center of each table, or use a single large lantern filled with candles for a dramatic effect. Boost the ambiance by hanging additional electric or candle lanterns around the room; guests will look attractive under the flickering glow of candlelight. If you can, line the path to the dinner hall with paper lanterns for a romantic touch.

    Autumn Colors

    • If you want to bring the warm colors of autumn into the rehearsal dinner space without using natural elements, bring them into other decorations. Start with a color palette of rich orange, maroon and gold, and work it into your theme. Tie orange ribbons around the back of the chairs, and use gold and maroon napkins for the tables. You can also work the colors into elements like painted wooden table numbers, and use warm, colored lights to cast an autumnal glow over the space.


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