How to Stop Centipedes


Centipedes can be helpful because they eat insects such as termites, but this does not make them a desirable house guest. Centipedes should be left alone unless they are present in overwhelming numbers. In this case, a few simple cleaning procedures can stop centipedes from becoming a nuisance in the garden or in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Dehumidifier
  • Sticky traps
  • Jar
  • Insecticide (optional)

Centipedes Indoors

  • Clean your home thoroughly. Remove any open food and garbage which could be a food source for insects, as well as any traps or spiderwebs which may hold bug remains.

  • Clean any area which is damp, since centipedes are attracted to moisture. Run a dehumidifier regularly to prevent further dampness.

  • Seal up any cracks in the foundation of your home to prevent further infestation. Repair any doors, windows or vents that leave space for insects to crawl through.

  • Lay out sticky traps to stop centipedes that are already indoors. If you do not wish to kill them, catch the centipedes in a jar and release them outside instead.

Centipedes Outdoors

  • Remove any decaying plant matter such as leaf piles, especially any sitting in moist areas.

  • Dig through moist soil where you've noticed centipedes crawling. When you find the centipedes, place them in a jar and relocate them to a nearby park or wooded area.

  • Adjust any sloping areas of your yard so moisture runs away from your home. This will prevent the formation of wet patches which attract centipedes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid killing or removing centipedes from outdoor areas unless an extremely high number of the insects are present.


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