How to Cut Equal Slices of Cake


Cutting a cake into equally sized pieces is the best way to fairly distribute a cake amongst a group of people. With every piece being the same size as every other piece, no guest will feel that his piece is inferior to any other. The only remaining place for contention will be when dealing with corner pieces. These tend to have more frosting than edge and inside pieces, so some people prefer them. The main trick to cutting them equally in regards to size is bisecting. By cutting the cake in half and then cutting the halves into halves and so on, you reduce the cake into smaller pieces of equal size.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Knife
  • Towel
  • Measure the length of the cake if it is rectangular. Circle cakes will require you to measure the diameter, the longest distance through the center of the cake.

  • Cut along the diameter of the cake if circular. Cut straight through to the other side from the middle point of the cake if it is rectangular. You have just bisected the cake.

  • Wipe the knife off with a damp towel. A clean knife cuts neat pieces, while a knife covered in frosting and crumbs leaves ragged edges on the cake slices.

  • Bisect the cake again with a cut perpendicular to the first cut. This will come halfway up the height of a rectangular cake. On a circular cake, this comes one quarter of the circumference around the cake from the starting point of the first cut.

  • Cut the cake again by bisecting the smaller segments you have created. As long as you bisect each section and then mirror the cut on the opposite side, the cake will be left in equal pieces. Be sure to wipe off the blade after each slice.

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