How to Take Pictures of a Newborn Baby


Few photos in life are as important as newborn shots. They serve as the baby's pictorial entrance into the world and will be cherished forever. Explore their wrinkles, belly buttons and toes and commit these details to film. Consider using a digital camera, allowing the freedom of continuous shooting with a memory card. Your camera choice is not as important as the pictures you see in your mind. Use costumes and props to enhance your photos, but don't be afraid to show your newborn as naked as the day he was born.

Things You'll Need

  • Space heater
  • Textured fabric remnants
  • Black background fabric
  • Props (optional)
  • Digital Camera and memory card
  • Manual Camera with supply of film.
  • Pick a suitable time of day. Keep in mind the newborn's sleep habits and waking hours. Prepare the location. Switch on a space heater to ensure the room remains at a comfortable temperature. Pick a safe spot, preferably close to a window with plenty of natural light coming from it. Hang black fabric as a background, isolating the newborn from distracting patterns. Lay down a textured fabric remnant, such as sheepskin, fur or fleece. Use a thick baby blanket if nothing else is available.

  • Introduce the newborn to the set when he is at his sleepiest. Make sure he has a fresh diaper and a full belly. Undress, or have the parent undress him. The best results will be obtained when the baby is shown in his naturally pure, newborn state. Pose him into position on top of the textured fabric. Alternatively, use optional props such as a beanbag, large bowl or box to place the baby in, thus adding interest to the photo.

  • Drop down to the newborn's level. Begin shooting the pictures from his vantage point. Go in close and don't be afraid to shoot parts of him separately. His tiny feet will never be that small again nor his fingers never that delicate. If the camera is equipped, use the macro setting to capture the fine details of the baby's fists, feet or mouth, for instance. Keep shooting and take many photos.

Tips & Warnings

  • Plan your shoot ahead of time. Find props and have them close at hand during the shoot. Enlist someone to help as your assistant. Consider using a "white noise" machine to mask distracting sounds and soothe the newborn. Ensure that your camera battery has a full charge and if using a digital camera, make sure your memory card has plenty of space. If using a traditional camera, have a supply of film on hand so that you can shoot freely. Consider shooting in black and white for a more classic feel to the shots.
  • Always make sure the newborn is positioned safely.


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