How to Display for Retail

The focal point of a fashion boutique is often an item of clothing.
The focal point of a fashion boutique is often an item of clothing. (Image: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

If you have walked by an exciting store window with an eye-catching display that led you to enter the store, you have been attracted by a retail display. Retail displays are a way to capture the interest of your target market. Displays set a tone for the retail establishment that can either attract or repel potential customers. Creativity is required to best showcase the items that you wish to gather the most attention. Displays should change often enough throughout the year to keep the interest of your customers.

Create a theme for your store displays. Themes vary from colors to specific items, but having a theme keeps the store from looking disorganized. Simple themes often work best such as choosing items from the same color category and placing them together.

Make a focal point for your display. If you are creating a display in a store window, choose one item that you love and put it front and center. Use the rest of the space to complement the focal piece. The same idea works within a store. Choose a focal point and work from there, creating smaller displays to complement the main one.

Display a mixture of textures together to create a feel of balance in the display. You do not want to create an unsettling and unbalanced feeling for those viewing it. For example, if you are displaying jewelry choose both large and small pieces to put in your display. When designing a window, think about adding texture to the back and sides of the display to create a mood. Texture comes from various fabrics, pedestals, art work and paper.

Place items in varying geometric shapes to create interest. If you are displaying books, place a rectangular stack in the center of a table with a circle of smaller books around it. This creates visual interest and appeal. Test possibilities by sketching layouts of the space before placing items there.

Light your display so that it can be seen from all angles and walk around it to see how it looks from all sides. If it is a window, check to make sure it looks good from within the retail space as well as from outside.

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