How to Decorate a Room With a Harry Potter Theme


Castles have the reputation of being damp and dark, with stone walls and cobwebs in every corner, and a room in Hogwarts Castle is no different. Decorate a room with a Harry Potter theme by turning the room into a Gryffindor dorm room like the ones from the Harry Potter books and movies; use dark woods and dark fabrics to give the rooms a real Old World feeling.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 pieces of wood, 4-by-4
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Dark brown paint
  • Fabric
  • Drumstick
  • Light brown paint pen
  • Witch's broomstick
  • Strong fishing line or thin rope
  • Double-sided tape
  • Chain
  • Curved plant hanger
  • Antique wire birdcage
  • Antique trunk
  • Harry Potter robe
  • Rounded wire-rimmed glasses
  • Stack of old books

Bed and Fabrics

  • Attach four 4-by-4 wood posts securely to each corner of the bed frame with a hammer and nails to create a four-poster bed similar to Harry's bed in his Hogwarts dorm room. Paint the posts dark brown.

  • Drape dark red, Gryffindor-colored fabric from each of the posts. Use the same fabric to hang from the windows as window coverings. Use a heavy fabric such as velvet; you can have pieces of this material cut to your bed and window specifications at any fabric store.

  • Cover the bed with a black comforter and place dark red throw pillows on the bed as accents to the décor.

  • Place an antique trunk at the end of the bed or against one wall. Prop the lid open and drape a Harry Potter robe over the open side. Place a stack of old books inside the trunk and a pair of rounded wire-rimmed glasses on top of the books.

Wall Art

  • Hang a Gryffindor banner on one wall in the room. You can make this yourself using black and deep red fabrics; draw the Gryffindor symbol in the middle. If you are not artistic, look for a banner at retail stores and party supply stores.

  • Create Harry Potter's magic wand with a drumstick. Use a sharp knife to make one end of the drumstick slightly pointed. Paint the stick dark brown and use a light brown paint pen to streak the stick so it looks weathered. Attach the wand to one wall with double-sided tape, or hang it by attaching strong fishing line to the stick and suspending it from nails.

  • Hang a broomstick from the ceiling with strong fishing line or a thin rope. Pick a location in the room so that the broomstick hangs next to a wall, on an angle, so it appears to be in flight. You can find a witch's broomstick at party supply or costume stores.

Owl Cage

  • Obtain a rounded-top birdcage. You can generally find these at garage sales, antique shops and some craft supply stores.

  • Set the cage on a stool or table in the corner of the room. Alternatively, you can suspend the cage from the ceiling in one corner of the room, using a chain and curved plant hanger.

  • Place a white toy stuffed owl inside the cage to represent Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check out local party supply stores and costume stores for Harry Potter accessories to add to your room.
  • Paint the walls to look like gray stones so they look like the castle walls inside Hogwarts.

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