How to Measure Gift Wrap For a Box


Presenting a loved one, friend or colleague with a well-wrapped gift gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. You can be sure that it shows you have given thought to making the present look attractive. But how much paper should you buy? When you plan to present your gift in a box, you can quickly work out how much paper you need and not waste any.

How to Measure Gift Wrap For a Box
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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Box
  • Gift wrap
Step 1

Calculate how much paper you will need by measuring your box. Do that by measuring the width of the top of the box and multiplying that by two. Measure the depth of the box and multiply that by two. Add an inch to that. That is how wide your paper will need to be. For example, your gift box is 11 inches wide, 14 inches long and three inches deep. You will need 22 inches to cover the top and bottom, six inches for the sides, and an inch to spare. Your paper must be at least 29 inches wide.

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Step 2

Calculate how long your paper needs to be by measuring the length of the box and adding extra paper for the sides. Your paper should cover two-thirds of each side of the box. So if your box is 14 inches long and three inches deep, you need 14 inches plus and extra four inches for the sides (two-thirds of six inches), or 18 inches total.

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Step 3

Find your paper is not wide enough? Calculate how long you need the paper to be and cut two identical pieces of gift wrap. Lay them pattern-side up on a flat surface and tape them together to make a piece big enough to cover your box. Look at the pattern on the paper and overlap identical symbols, shapes or words, so they appear as one. Stick a length of transparent sticky tape across the seam to attach them together. Wrap the gift by placing the seam in the middle of the box. Cover the seam with ribbon, and the recipient will never know you used two sheets of paper.

Carla de Koning /Demand Media


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