How to Get a Marriage License in Florida

If you plan to get married in Florida, you have a good chance of having nice weather on your wedding day.

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    • 1

      Note that you don't need a blood test to be married in this state.

    • 2

      Make sure you're both 18 years of age or older (an exception is made for people who have been married before or who have a child or are expecting one).

    • 3

      Understand that the requirements and fees vary from county to county. The price is in the $50 to $90 range.

    • 4

      Check with the county clerk's office to find out what the rules are in your area.

    • 5

      Expect to take a premarital preparation course to qualify for a license if you're a Florida resident. Completing the course entitles you to a small discount on the license (around $30 off in some counties).

    • 6

      Ask for this requirement to be waived if you're from out of state.

    • 7

      Apply at the clerk's office in person with your mate to obtain the license.

    • 8

      Bring a photo identification with you and provide your Social Security number. Remember that Florida's new law requires state residents to sign a sworn affidavit with both their Social Security number and age.

    • 9

      Realize that residents who complete the premarital course can receive their license on the same day they apply. The same is true for out-of-state applicants and hardship cases.

Tips & Warnings

  • Deputy clerks can perform the marriage ceremony for a nominal fee.
  • There are no citizenship requirements for marriages in Florida.
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