How to Troubleshoot a Singer Futura SES 1000


The Futura sewing machine is manufactured by the Singer company. This machine incorporates computer software to power its embroidery feature. When troubles arise with the Futura SES 1000 model, the issues can be either with the machine itself or with the accompanying software.

Things You'll Need

  • Needles
  • Screwdriver
  • Lint brush
  • Sewing machine oil
  • PC
  • Software
  • Software patches

Troubleshooting the Machine

  • Check the needle first if your Futura machine is skipping stitches. If the needle is bent, or the tip is broken, replace it. First, raise the needle as high as it will go either manually or by using the foot pedal. Next, loosen the needle clamp by turning the screw toward you. Pull the needle down to remove it; insert a new needle in its place. Turn the needle clamp screw away from you to tighten and resume sewing.

  • Use the right size needle for your project. If you are working with a thicker fabric, such as denim, you need a higher gauge needle. Lightweight fabrics can use a lower gauge needle. Using the wrong size needle, particularly using a too-small needle on a thick fabric, can cause the needle to break or bend.

  • Reset the thread tension if your thread keeps breaking. Incorrect thread tension can also lead to stitches that are too tight or too loose. With the presser foot down, change the tension on the machine by switching the setting to a lower number. This switch is located just above the needle on the body of the machine.

  • Check your machine's connections. An error message that reads "EM-01" means the machine is not correctly connected to the power source or to the computer that handles the embroidery software. Check your power connection and your USB connection before resuming.

  • Keep the machine clean. Excess thread or fabric can get jammed into the machine's small crevices, making problems more likely. Raise the needle to its highest position, then loosen the screws on the needle plate to remove. Take out the bobbin case and use a lint brush to clean the small parts inside. Place a drop of sewing machine oil inside this cavity before replacing the bobbin case.

Troubleshooting the Software

  • Note which version of Microsoft Windows your computer is currently operating. Right now, the Futura models are only compatible with Windows-based computers; Macs are not compatible with this sewing machine's software at this time.

  • Make sure the software is installed properly on your computer. If you have problems when you try to open the program on your computer, try uninstalling it. Reboot your computer to complete the process and then reinstall the software following the set-up prompts supplied by your computer.

  • Download the latest patch available from the Singer company (see Resources section). There are currently patches available for those running Windows Vista or XP on their computers. Singer warns users not to download or install any patches for their Futura sewing machine if the program is currently working without any problems, even if you run on one of the above operating systems.

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