How to Clean Your Corn Cob Pipe


Smoking tobacco in a pipe can be a pleasurable experience, when you select a corn cob pipe you enjoy. Get in the habit of cleaning your pipe after every use. Corn cob pipes typically come in two of three styles, and are relatively inexpensive. Their simple design and no-frills approach makes them easy to use and clean.

Things You'll Need

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Plastic container or bowl
  • Hold your pipe over a plastic container or bowl. Gently push the end of a small, flat head screwdriver into your corn cob pipe chamber and bowl to move ash out of the pipe and into the bowl. Focus extra attention on removing all burnt and unburnt tobacco from the bottom of the pipe bowl.

  • Pull the mouthpiece off of the stem. Insert a clean, white pipe cleaner into the pipe stem -- and push it all the way through the stem -- until you see the pipe cleaner protruding into the pipe bowl. Twist the pipe cleaner in clockwise and counterclockwise rotations for one minute.

  • Remove the dirty pipe cleaner and insert another clean one into the pipe stem. Move the pipe cleaner up and down, back and forth, for one minute to clean the pipe stem. Remove the pipe cleaner.

  • Bend another clean pipe cleaner into the basic shape of your pipe stem and bowl. Insert the bent pipe cleaner into the bowl. Rub the pipe cleaner back and forth, moving it from side to side for one minute -- to thoroughly clean the bowl basin and sides.

  • Insert another clean pipe cleaner into the pipe's mouthpiece through the end of the mouthpiece that connects to the pipe stem. Move the cleaner back and forth, up and down for one minute to clean the mouthpiece completely. Throw away all dirty pipe cleaners and used tobacco collected in the plastic container. Reconnect your pipe and store it along with cleaning materials for future use.


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