How to Get Skinny Without Diet or Exercise

Losing weight presents a challenge for many people. Some have tried dieting and given up, while others simply wish they were thinner. It is hard to hold yourself back from foods that you like, and exercising requires a lot of exertion, so the easiest way to lose weight is to engage in tips that do not require either one.

Dream about being skinny while you burn calories in your sleep.
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Step 1:

Incorporate small changes into your lifestyle that are much easier than dieting or exercising, but will burn calories and drop pounds over time. These changes include parking at the far end of the parking lot, taking the steps instead of the elevator, opting for a small or medium-sized portion instead of the large and taking your dog for longer walks.

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Step 2:

Socialize and volunteer instead of spending your evenings at home. Both of these activities usually involve standing and participating in an activity, which burns more calories than sitting on the couch watching television. You are also less likely to eat unhealthy foods if you are out and about than if you are simply relaxing on the couch.

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Step 3:

Spice your food heavily. When food is bland, the body doesn't register its entrance as much as when it is full of flavor. The tastier food is, the less you are likely to eat.

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Step 4:

Sleep a minimum of eight hours a night. Your body actually works hard while you are sleeping, burning calories and replenishing your energy supply so that you can function in the morning. People who are sleep-deprived eat more unhealthy foods, such as sugar, to give themselves an energy boost, while well-rested individuals are generally healthier and have more efficient metabolisms.

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