How to Fix Driveway Impressions in Brick Pavers


Given enough time, every paver walkway or driveway will begin to sag. Subsurface moisture allows the soil beneath the paver structure to settle, creating dips. A paver driveway will sag faster than its patio or walkway counterparts due to the weight of the vehicles passing over the structure. Luckily, fixing dips in a paver structure is a simple matter of lifting the pavers and adding a layer of cement sand beneath them. The project requires only a few simple tools and, once completed, leaves the driveway ready to be used immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Pry bar
  • String
  • Tape
  • Cement sand
  • Trowel
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Rubber mallet
  • Push broom
  • Remove the depressed pavers from the driveway. Insert the tip of the pry bar into a joint between pavers within the depression. Apply pressure to the pry bar to lift out one edge of a paver far enough that you can grasp it. Lift the paver out of the area. Remove adjacent depressed pavers by hand to minimize potential damage.

  • Lay the pavers to the side.

  • Tape a string across the hole's surface to indicate the level of the remaining pavers.

  • Pour approximately 1 inch of cement sand into the exposed area and smooth out the sand with a trowel.

  • Measure the level of the sand with a level and the depth of the area with a measuring tape. The depth from the string to the top of the sand should be equal to the height of the pavers. If it is not, add more sand until the depth is correct.

  • Compact the sand by placing a paver on top of the sand and tapping the top of the paver with a rubber mallet.

  • Confirm the depth and level of the sand after compacting it. Add or remove sand as necessary to level the newly set paver with its neighbors.

  • Replace the removed pavers in their original pattern on top of the sand.

  • Tap the pavers into position with a rubber mallet. Do not slide the pavers across the sand to avoid gathering sand between the joints.

  • Sweep additional concrete sand with a push broom over the set surface of the pavers to fill in any natural gaps and solidify the joints.

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