How to Paint a Bed Liner


Bed liners are an effective method of protecting the bed of a pickup from scrapes, scratches and dings that can be caused by hauling items in the rear of the vehicle. Although some pickups come from the factory equipped with a bed liner, many owners are faced with the challenge of protecting their truck bed on their own. Do-it-yourself, paint-in bed liners offer a relatively inexpensive option for pickup owners in need of protection for their truck bed.

Things You'll Need

  • Roll-on bedliner kit
  • Masking tape
  • Masking paper
  • Wax remover
  • Clean rags
  • Paint tray
  • Small paint roller
  • #80 grit sand paper
  • Clean the bed of the truck using a high pressure flow of water and car wash brush to remove any dirt or debris in the bed. Dry the clean bed and utilize a wax removing cleaner in conjunction with a clean rag to remove any wax or other protective coating that may have been applied to the bed of the pickup.

  • Remove the top layer of paint and create a rough surface for the painted bed liner to adhere to by sanding the entire bed with #80 grit sand paper. Smooth spots left by a lack of sanding may cause defects in the bed liner. Wash and dry the bed of the pickup a second time, once sanding is complete, to remove any dust and residue created by the roughing process.

  • Mask off any fasteners or bolt holes that are not to be covered with bed liner. Run a straight piece of masking tape and paper along the edge of the bed, near the rails, to avoid accidentally getting bed liner on the outside of the bed.

  • Pour part of the bed liner paint into a roller tray. Paint the bed liner onto corners and any other areas that may be difficult to reach using a paintbrush. Apply bed liner, using a paint roller, to the vertical sidewalls of the bed next. Paint the bed of the truck with a coating of bed liner moving from the front of the bed, near the cab, backwards. Allow the initial coating to dry at least twenty-four hours in a clean environment where debris will not get caught in the wet paint.

  • Apply a second coating, or more, as recommended by the bed liner paint manufacturer, once the first coat has dried. Follow the same painting procedures as were used for the first coat. Use an extension handle for the paint roller to avoid any risk of damaging the first coat of liner paint, or accidentally transferring debris to the clean painting surface.

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