Bissell 7901 Troubleshooting


The Bissell ProHeat 7901 model is an upright wet-dry vacuum intended to clean surfaces such as carpet and upholstery. Be be sure to read the user guide thoroughly before you use your Bissell ProHeat for the first time. If you encounter a problem while using it, some preliminary troubleshooting techniques may help to identify and resolve the trouble, perhaps avoiding the need to call for a technician's help.

The Bissell ProHeat Will Not Spray Properly

  • Check the Bissell ProHeat's bladder tank to make sure it is filled with water. To do that, lift the tank-in-tank off of the vacuum's base by its handle. Push the handle forward to free the lid. Lift the lid and check inside. If the bladder is empty, fill it with hot water then replace the tank-in-tank on the machine and replace the handle.

  • Check the SmartMix tank to make sure it is full. Lift the formula tank off of the base of the vacuum. Unscrew the cap and remove it. If the SmartMix tank is empty, fill it up to the fill line with with Bissell Deep Cleaning Formula if you are cleaning, or water if you are rinsing. Then replace the SmartMix tank.

  • Check to determine if the Bissell's filter is clogged. Unscrew the flow indicator's cap and lift out the red rotor and the white filter. Rinse the cap, rotor and filter with warm water. Replace the rotor and filter. Screw the cap on just until you meet resistance. Do not screw it on too tightly.

  • Check to make sure that the bladder and the SmartMix tank are seated securely in place. If they are loose, they will not feed liquid into the vacuum.

  • Turn the vacuum off for one minute, then turn it back on. Press the trigger. If the bladder and SmartMix tank pump lost its prime, this will reset the pump.

  • Check the pump belt. To do this, turn the Bissell onto its side while it is running, and see if the PowerBrush is turning. If it is not, check whether the pump belt is broken. To check the pump belt, turn the machine off and unplug it. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the lower slot of the pump belt's access door to release it. Pull off the door to reveal the belt. If it is broken, call Bissell Consumer Services (1-800-237-7691) to request a replacement belt and a set of installation instructions.

The Bissell ProHeat Will Not Suck Up Water or Cleaning Solution

  • Check the ReadyTool dial. Make sure that it is set on "floor" if you are using the main suction unit, or "tools" if you are using one of the attachments.

  • Check the nozzle window. If it is improperly attached, the Bissell will not vacuum liquid. Press down on the edges of the nozzle window to make sure the tabs in the window's gasket are snapped into the slots in the vacuum's body.

  • Check the tank-in-tank. If the tank or the tank's lid is loose, the vacuum will not suck. Check the tank to see that it is seated firmly. Then rotate the handle forward so that the lid is free. Jostle the lid a bit to make sure that the lip of the lid is aligned with the edges of the tank. Then replace the handle. Lift the vacuum's handle back into place.

  • Check to make sure that you are using the hand-held attachments correctly if they are not picking up liquid. Try adjusting the angle of the tool to the carpet. Try pressing down harder to increase contact.

  • Check the tank-in-tank to see if its water is dirty. If it is, empty the tank and refill it with fresh water.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your Bissell's Smart Temp ready light will not turn on, the machine may not be receiving power. This may be an electrical problem. But before you call the technician, make sure that the Bissell's power and SmartTemp switches both are in the "on" position.

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