How to Make Earrings With Crochet Thread


A simple pair of crochet thread earrings requires only the chain stitch and single-crochet stitch, which makes it an appropriate project for all levels of crochet enthusiasts. Don't let the simplicity of the stitches fool you into thinking the jewelry will look basic. Crochet is such a versatile craft that even the simplest of stitches can produce stunning jewelry. Which crochet thread you choose also impacts the final look of your earrings. Try crochet thread with metallic filaments to add a little sparkle in every stitch, or choose crochet thread with a lustrous coating that gives the cotton a satin sheen.

Things You'll Need

  • Size 5 steel crochet hook
  • Size 10 bedspread weight crochet cotton
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 4-inch squares of plastic cling wrap
  • 1 6-inch square of aluminum foil
  • Fabric stiffener or water-soluble white glue
  • Small bowl
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Two ear wires

Crochet the Earring

  • Start with a slip knot on your hook and make 30 chain stitches. Your piece will measure approximately 4 inches long.

  • Make a single-crochet stitch in the second chain from the hook. Then place a single-crochet stitch into every chain stitch along the length.

  • Pull the working thread through the loop on the hook once more. Then cut it to fasten off.

  • Weave in the loose ends of thread at the start and finish of your piece with the yarn needle. Repeat Steps 1 - 4 for the second earring.

Shape the Earring

  • Wrap each pencil with the plastic cling wrap so they are completely covered.

  • Pour approximately 1/4 cup of fabric stiffener into the small bowl, or mix 1/8 cup of water with 1/8 cup of white glue in the small bowl to create your own stiffening solution.

  • Submerge the two crocheted pieces into the stiffening solution and squeeze the thread between your thumb and index finger to work the solution into the cotton until the fiber is completely saturated.

  • Remove the crochet pieces from the stiffener and gently squeeze off the excess liquid.

  • Start at the top of one plastic-wrapped pencil and curl a crochet piece around the pencil in a loose spiral that goes down the body of the pencil. Repeat with the second pencil and second crochet piece.

  • Place the pencils with the crochet pieces wrapped around them on the tin foil to dry. Rotate each pencil every couple hours to ensure they dry evenly on all sides. Leave the crochet for 24 hours to dry completely.

Finish the Earring

  • Slide the plastic wrap with crochet still around it off the pencils once the crochet has completely dried. Gently separate the plastic wrap from the crochet pieces.

  • Twist open the loop on each ear wire with the chain nose pliers.

  • Slide the open end of the ear wire loop under a stitch at the top of the crochet piece. Repeat for second earring.

  • Close the ear wire loop to complete your earring. Repeat for second earring.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also create fabric stiffener from sugar and boiling water. Use two times the amount of sugar as the amount of water.
  • If you want more bling to your earrings, sew beads to the end of the spiral.

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