How to Set the Table With Homemade Placemats

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Homemade placemats personalize the table setting.

The dining table is often the heart of the average family, a place to break bread, strike up conversations and generally unwind after a long day. Whether meals are casual or formal, you want your table setting to be attractive. Homemade placemats increase the personality of your table decor, and you can match them to dinnerware and other elements to fit any occasion.


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      Lay the placemats out on the table and consider their size, color and general effect. Imagine what kind of occasion best matches the style of the placemats and the types of dishes they would look best with. For instance, if placemats are frilly and lacy, use them for formal occasions with good china and flatware. If the placemats are more casual or obviously made by children, enjoy using them for ordinary dinners with everyday dishes.

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      Experiment with the placemats by setting them with various combinations of plates and flatware. According to, the visual presentation of a meal enhances its overall quality. Note which plates and silverware appear most appealing on the homemade placemats you plan to use. Be sure the placemats are large enough to hold plates and silverware; otherwise, guests can't see and admire them, and the placemats won't provide enough protection.

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      Set fancy placemats on a white tablecloth or a cloth in a complimentary color. For informal meals, placemats alone are fine as long as they offer enough protection for the table surface. For a pulled-together look, enhance the presentation of the table setting with a centerpiece that coordinates with the style and color of your homemade placemats.

Tips & Warnings

  • recommends positioning each placemat 1 inch from the edge of the table at each seat.

  • If your homemade placemats are paper, and especially if they were made by children or have other sentimental value, protect them from spills and wear. Laminate them, or layer them between sheets of clear contact plastic and trim away the excess plastic. Wipe the placemats clean; never submerge them in water.

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