How to Use a Pit Toilet


Also known as a compost toilet, a pit toilet is used in rural areas that don't have access to sewage facilities. Pit toilets are often used at parks and rest stop facilities. Using a pit toilet is a simple task, but requires a little preparation as they tend to harbor bacteria from frequent use. Staying prepared can keep your experience with a pit toilet safe and brief.

Things You'll Need

  • Sanitary toilet seat covers
  • Toilet paper
  • Sanitizer spray (all purpose)
  • Spray the surface of the pit toilet seat, and sides, with all purpose sanitizing spray.

  • Layer the seat with two paper toilet seat covers.

  • Hover yourself directly over the hole of the pit toilet, trying not to sit down. If it's a high-profile toilet, the protective seat covers will at least serve as a protective layer if you need to sit down.

  • Relieve yourself and clean up using your own toilet paper. Do not use the toilet paper in a public pit toilet, as it can be riddled with germs and bacteria.

  • Dispose of the toilet seat covers and exit the pit toilet facility. Once you're out of the facility spray your hands and shoes with spray sanitizer so you don't track germs from the facility anywhere else.

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