How to Make Your Home Smell Good Without Air Fresheners

Maintaining a clean, fresh-smelling home without the use of chemical air fresheners is a worthy endeavor. From the way you clean your house and arrange simple aromatic enhancements, deodorizing and keeping interior air fresh with natural methods is environmentally prudent. Many ways exist for keeping your home fresh naturally, aside from fresh air circulation. You can also experiment with natural botanical aromatics and cleaning products.

Things You'll Need

  • Lemon grass floral water (1 gallon)
  • Lavender floral water (1 quart)
  • Distilled water (3 quarts)
  • 2-gallon jug with cap
  • Fresh lavender blossoms (2 cups)
  • Fresh-cut lemongrass (2 cups)
  • Saucepan (small)
  • Linen rags
  • Fan


  1. Organic Cleaning Solution

    • 1
      Lemongrass wafts a powerful citrus scent ideal for cleaning.
      Lemongrass wafts a powerful citrus scent ideal for cleaning.

      Mix the lemongrass and lavender floral waters into the large plastic jug. Add the distilled water, cap the jug and shake the solution vigorously for about two minutes. This creates a freshly scented cleaning solution for your home.

    • 2

      Saturate a linen rag with the lemongrass and lavender water solution.

    • 3

      Scrub and wipe at all of the surfaces in your home with the solution-soaked rag.

    • 4

      Wipe behind all of your appliances and fixtures with the powerfully scented, organic cleaning mix.

    • 5

      Add half of the jug to a bucket of hot water and mop your hard floors.


    • 6

      Add the fresh lemongrass and lavender to a saucepan half full of distilled water.

    • 7

      Simmer the water for an hour while cleaning your home.

    • 8

      Open your windows and turn on any fans you have in your home to waft the natural scents throughout your home. If you don't have house fans, buy at least one, then place it in your kitchen and point it outward to carry the fresh smelling air.

    • 9

      Turn off the stove and allow the homemade garden potpourri to cool to room temperature.

    • 10

      Discard of the contents of the pan or strain away the plant material to save the water for a homemade cleaning solution.

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