How to Decorate a Master Bedroom With Pictures


Managing artwork for bedroom walls is a delicate and exacting exercise. Overdoing it with pictures of every family member at every stage of their development might keep you awake at night. Hanging a small picture on a large wall is unbalanced. Photographs of vacation highlights are too busy, and portraits of family members now deceased might lead to nightmares. There is a science behind organizing and hanging pictures, and the walls of your bedroom are particularly critical for a balanced life and relationship.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom Walls

The ancient art of feng shui, practiced for more than 3,000 years, teaches you to balance the energies within each room of your home to promote good health and prosperity. The bedroom is given particular attention as it's the one place where you go to replenish your energies. It's your sanctuary, and the furnishings and accessories must direct your thoughts away from the strategies of the day and encourage your mind and body to relax and de-stress. Artwork plays an important role in the bedroom environment, whether it is paintings, sculptures, photographs or prints, and hanging them properly and deliberately creates order .

Empty Walls

Walls without artwork are sad walls, especially in a bedroom where almost every angle is looked at and an effect is created. Start by building a mood in your bedroom, whether it's sensuous, serene, classic or comfortable. Build on that mood with select artwork.

Step 1

Choose background paint to coordinate with the colors of your bedding and flooring.

Step 2

Determine what colors you want hung on the wall and then select the photographs or paintings to achieve the color scheme. If you need to re-frame and re-mat, do so before determining the wall layout.

Step 3

Find the balance. If you are hanging one picture over each nightstand, be sure they are the same size, and have the same frame and matting. Do the same with a college of botanical prints, a set of sepia photographs or a series of black-and-white pictures. The frames should match, either in color or design, as well as the matting. A bedroom is for unity --- decorate while adhering to that principle of feng shui.

Step 4

Add appropriate lighting. Mood lighting and lighting that highlights the artwork set a tone for the entire bedroom. Welcome daytime sunshine and its positive energy but avoid glaring night lighting.

What Stays, What Goes

Select pictures of landscapes, tranquil settings, relaxing scenery and harmonious relationships. Be sure all the art you see from every point in the bedroom brings you peace. Avoid photographs of family members, children, your dog and favorite uncle. The only people who should be represented in pictures in your bedroom are you and your partner.

How to Hang Pictures

There is a system to hanging pictures museums use to create harmony and unity called using a center line. If you have a series of pictures that are different sizes, draw a line at the height you want to place them and center each along the line. Some frames may be higher, some lower, but the unity is evident via the center line.

Hang a large picture over the bed. Center it 8 to 10 inches above the headboard. Use two picture hangers and add L-shaped hangers under the bottom of the frame to secure the large picture. This is especially necessary in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

Create a college. Space each photograph the same distance horizontally and vertically. Use the center-line theory to create a central point and build out from there.

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