How to Think of Fun Retirement Party Ideas and Themes

A retirement party is an occasion to reflect on the past and look to the future. Make it fun by customizing it to the retiree's personality and plans. While some honorees will be flattered by a look back at their accomplishments, others might better enjoy a taste of what's to come. Choose a theme that honors the person in a fun and respectful way.


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      Focus on a dream vacation for the retiree who is looking forward to taking it easy. Base the party foods, entertainment and decorations around a vacation destination. For example, serve enchiladas and play mariachi music for the retiree hoping to escape to Mexico. Other vacation party themes might be a Hawaiian luau or a Italian feast.

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      Highlight the guest of honor's career accomplishments. Decorate the room with photos from early in her career to her retirement. Show off plaques and awards she received. Create a Powerpoint presentation describing sales records she broke and showing interviews with co-workers.

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      Choose a family theme that will remind the retiree how much more time he will have to spend with relatives. Enlarge and hang family pictures, ask grandchildren to draw pictures of him and write poems with family themes.

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      For the guest of honor with a sense of humor, throw a "finally retired" theme party. Gather work-related pictures, reports and printouts, then dispose of them in creative ways. For example, bring a paper shredder and shred reports that the retiree is happy that she will never have to fill out again. Set a outdoor bonfire and ask guests to burn work-related documents. Transform work documents or photos into a dart board and have the retiree and guests take aim.

Tips & Warnings

  • Throw a retirement party that is personalized towards the personality of the retiree.
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