How to Design a Wedding Candy Buffet

Design a beautiful candy buffet for your wedding reception. While it works well as a dessert table, you also can use it in place of more traditional wedding favors. If you decide to create a candy favor buffet, set the table near your party venue's exit. Post an elegant sign -- thank your guests for coming and ask them to take home a little something sweet in honor of your special day.

Things You'll Need

  • Table
  • Tablecloth
  • Candy
  • Containers
  • Ribbons
  • Labels
  • Scoops
  • Gourmet packaging
  • Table decorations


    • 1

      Select a tablecloth that will fit your candy buffet table. Pick a color that complements your choice of candies. For instance, a white tablecloth might be your best option if you choose candies that match your wedding colors. Select a vibrant tablecloth color to highlight an all-white candy color scheme.

    • 2

      Buy or make a variety of candies; examples include truffles, hard candy, licorice, lollipops, candy bars, mints, chocolate-covered nuts, cake pops, jelly beans and old-fashioned candy sticks.

    • 3

      Find containers to display your candies. Buy complementary containers in different shapes, sizes and heights; you also can buy matching containers, but set them on boxes or pedestals to add various heights to your display. Use clear glass containers to show off the candy to its best advantage.

    • 4

      Decorate each container with a ribbon. Label each one so guests will know what type of candy it holds. Add a scoop to containers with loose candies.

    • 5

      Arrange empty candy gift bags, silk net bags or baked goods boxes at one end of your candy buffet. Post a sign inviting guests to prepare to-go packages.

    • 6

      Add decorations if your table doesn't look full once you set up your candy containers. Use candles, a centerpiece, small bouquets or flower petals to fill in empty spaces. Add white Christmas lights if you're planning an evening reception outside.

Tips & Warnings

  • Assign someone to refill the candy dishes and help small children fill their candy boxes or bags.
  • Select candy containers that reflect your reception's theme. Use antique crystal bowls and silver serving pieces, for instance, if your wedding day has a classic or vintage theme. Vases, bowls, tin containers and baskets also work well.
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